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Java ORPG Engine

Postby JokeofWeek » Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:38 pm

Hey everyone,

I actually worked on an ORPG engine in Java for about 3 months earlier this year. It's nowhere near complete, but I haven't touched it since then so I figured some of you guys might want to check it out. You can see the code at:

It's written in Java with libgdx as the rendering engine and uses Artemis as an entity-component system (which I feel made the code much more complicated unfortunately :/). It has an external map editor, and supports very large scrolling maps by segmenting them into chunks. It's actually functional, so you can run the server, connect with the map editor and build some maps and then connect with the client. You can add entities to the map and attach components, such as a Blocked component or a Warp component which warps a character who walks over it to another tile. The map editor also supports autotiling, which is kind of cool!

If I recall, the last thing I was working on was chat.

I'd love to give a more detailed introduction, but I'm in the middle of final exams at the moment :( Just figured it couldn't hurt to post it here!
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