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Postby John ♥ Ponies » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:29 am

Hey everyone. I thought I'd make a post about MMORPG Creation now that I've gotten it kicked off the ground a bit more. What I'm aiming at is capturing the essence of what Mirage Source centered development & hobbyist communities have been throughout the years. To quote a post I made at the website's birth:

Good afternoon everyone!

I'll keep this short, as I don't really like longwinded introductory posts.

Many of you are likely to be stumbling through here from an email alert, word of mouth, or an announcement on the old Mirage Source forums, but regardless of how you found your way here, welcome!

I'm sure you're wondering, what is this, another attempt at unifying the now fragmented communities once based on the aged and limited Visual Basic 6 engines (Eclipse, Mirage Source, Player Worlds, vbGore, etc.)? In a way, yes, but the intention is slightly different. After some dialogue between Bjorn (aka William) and myself, I was able to convince him to hand off the old forum's database to me so that I might integrate / preserve its essence in this reawakening of what was once a passionate, and admittedly a little naive, assortment of hobbyist and inspired game developers. The aim of this project is to create a community focused on the fun and the process of game development rather than the end result. Our intention is not to foster an assortment of blockbuster indie titles, nor is it to train you to be the next great AAA developer. Our sole intention is simply to provide a platform and community through which we may all, new and old, experience the joy, passion, and excitement that is hobbyist game development.

I look forward to seeing all of you around in the coming months, and I also look forward to seeing all of your projects and passions come to fruition!


The website has integrated the information from this board, along with many new additions and changes, including transferring the data over to a XenForo forum.

You can visit it here:

The second portion of this post is concerning the flagship engine which I have been in the process of developing for the community. I've decided to name it Lunar Mirage, although this might change in the future.

Read about Lunar Mirage:
SPOILER: (click to show)
What Is Lunar Mirage?

Lunar Mirage is the next generation of 2D O/RPG creation software; it is a brand new engine, programmed in C# with three core things in mind:

Efficiency: When designing the new engine, we are constantly looking for ways to increase performance. Gone are the days where one must worry about their engine functioning properly with a substantial amount of users or limited hardware.
Usability: Through meticulous code reviews, a versatile language, competent developers, and strict following of well known and proven software design patterns, Lunar Mirage will have a very clean code-base to work with. We also seek to provide the community with a set of editors that will be straight forward, simple to use, and effective.
Longevity: We aim to provide the community with something to stand the test of time.

In addition to this, Lunar Mirage aims to set itself apart with its most important ideal, upon which all aspects of the engine will be modeled: hobbyist game development should be fun. Lunar Mirage is not attempting to compete with Unity or any other major, professional game development engine. The core purpose of Lunar Mirage is not to provide a platform upon which to build the next big indie blockbuster. The development and final product of Lunar Mirage will reflect our core belief that game development should be enjoyable, relaxed, and most of all, fun. The toolsets, methods of distribution, and community vibe will all reflect this belief.

Is It Free and And Open Source?

Yes. We believe in open source and Lunar Mirage will always be open source. You can collaborate or access the source code for this project via the Github repository







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